Jillian Kirkpatrick - Psychotherapy

Areas of Interest and Experience

I am interested in working with a range of life difficulties that we can face, which includes: anxiety, depression, trauma and abuse, life transitions such as leaving home for the first time, changes in career direction, empty nest syndrome, retirement, sudden and life-threatening illness, loss of coping at work, bereavement. I offer individual psychotherapy sessions in the Cardiff area and have personal and professional experience of working with dementia sufferers and their carers and I am aware of the challenges people face in this area. 

I am also interested in the visual and performing arts and how Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy can assist in the creative process. 

My intention is to offer a safe, accepting, and confidential space where you are supported to explore any difficulties and issues that are troubling to you. Psychotherapy offers the opportunity to explore your difficulties in depth and over a longer period of time to suit you. My practice is held within a non-judgemental and caring relationship in an environment of mutual trust and respect. 

About Core Process Psychotherapy 

Core Process is a Mindfulness-based approach to psychotherapy and involves an exploration of our present experience; when we pay attention to ourselves in the present moment we may become more aware of our feelings, sensations, thoughts and attitudes. With increased awareness we can discover our past conditioning, the impact this has had on our lives, and the limitations we place upon ourselves. Together we will explore how this is for you, and we can look at the deeper reasons behind your concerns and difficulties.

‘Core’ is a term to describe the freedom and joy that lies in the heart of our being. Through certain events in our lives this sense of freedom can become obscured to us, and we can experience feelings of separateness. In Core Process Psychotherapy, by cultivating present moment awareness we can discover how our past experience is affecting our current lives, and how our suffering is maintained by this process. With increased awareness it is possible to bring about change and reclaim a greater sense of freedom and possibility in our lives.   


I am offering concessional rates at the cost of forty five pounds for a sixty minute session.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like to book a session.  

I abide by the Karuna Institute Code of Ethics